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Songs about being lost and found

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Songs about being lost and found

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Kost the first time in 11 years of ravenous, raucous meowing, a distinctive sound heralding noisy returns up our handmade, 40ft Heath Robinson-esque cat-shoot coming from the garden and undergrowth beyond it, climbing high and through the kitchen catflap, our luxuriantly furred mongrel beast, brimming with purring personality and opulent size a full yard of feline from nose to taildid not come home for his dinner. Nor his breakfast. Nor his next dinner.

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The uncoupled look for love or a convenient substitute. Where've you been? It might not necessarily be about loved ones, but also about oneself — identity, personal injury or loss of good health that hopefully is eventually regained. And one small street, filled with a variety of people from many backgrounds, can latina kik a microcosm of the world — its problems, but also strengths.

The years passed happily for the couple, with Claire becoming a salesman's wife.

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While his stamina is admirable, should she also be searching for someone who will treat her with respect? The powerful seek to hold on to what they have. Perhaps she doesn't want to be found. The contents of your head are the most precious of all personal possessions. Maybe you don't even know what it is. Love has found her and won't pass her by. Then, fast forward to the waning years of this couple's love story, as they live in different wings of an assisted care unit.

Yet it had simply fallen out onto the street somehow, and a stranger ran yards to return it to me.

She eventually decides to end their affair by telling him she hopes that he finds what he's looking for. If you're like the cowboy in this theme from the movie Urban Cowboy, your love quest probably lead you to singles bars. A woman searches for a decision as to whether backpage chalmette should confess her love and face potential rejection or instead continue tound stay in the background and wonder "what if?

Adele's pop song is one of unrequited amd. The guy in this rock song is looking for a source of inspiration in his life to energize him and make him feel that life is worth living. Just how did that happen?

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He's been searching abuot himself and feels incapable of backpage sf bay area love for anyone. Subscribe, follow and share. But some circumstances are even more traumatic. But loss can also trigger a new focus. An expression of society? Life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party. And there are many other examples of pets, usually cats or dogs reunited with their owners after as long as a decade, or longer, such as Shelby, a cat who went missing from her home in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, inand turned up 13 losy later.

Unable to accept that it's over, he searches for her in all the usual places and asks everyone he knows whether they've seen her. Whatever you're looking for in life, I losy you find it. If children go missing, it is the very worst experience that can happen to a parent. Let the missing mission commence … New to comment?

But what of the cat? Not quite on his own, but after the umpteenth search, scrabbling through brambles and bding in our local park very nearby, I did indeed discover him, hearing a distinctive cry from the undergrowth.

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Have you found yours? One stormy night, however, her husband is late returning from work, and she becomes worried. We are the change that we seek. Readers Poll 1. His honey is as good as gone, but the despondent fella is still looking.

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Of course when loved ones are concerned this is heartrending and profound. Years ago, on holiday in Venice, a city notorious for pickpockets, I lost on the first day a wallet containing all the money for the entire trip. There are many remarkable true stories of lost and found. He sets eyes on a good looking woman and after bekng short conversation with her suggests that they move it on back to his place. And happily in any case it was found a few days later dumped in a bush.

He's learned that the most valuable and scottish dating site things in life truly aren't things after all: I got everything in this world a man could ever want If you search deeper inside me all I really need is love from you Searching for love, I'm just searching for love.

Lost & found

It makes you feel helpless, paralysed, destroying any ability to relax, work, function, concentrate. The disenfranchised among us look for justice, expression of their voice, and for rights to be recognized. This rock song spotlights a couple in a fragmenting love affair. In this rock song, a narrator asks the listener some searching questions that reflect the essence of loneliness. You just need to to Disqus once.

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He looks at his faithful friend with fresh eyes after having taken her for granted and tries to convince her that his love is genuine: Bbeing I look into your eyes I can see forever, You were with aongs all the while. We realise how precious are the things we take for granted. The narrator bemoans a lack of unity in the world, a discord that causes people to turn against one another.

While this is one of the earliest songs about stalkers and obsessive lovethere are many more, if you're interested. She imagines that they'll become so lost together that there will be massive search parties formed that look in vain for them. So refound gound can also teach us profound things about ourselves, but also other people.

52 songs about searching and seeking

I've looked for you forever and a day. While that may seem obvious, the narrator in this iconic beimg song still feels unsatisfied, empty, and lost in spite of his life altering experiences and travels. There is for example the story Crockett, from Corringham, UK, who disappeared for a week, having climbed into, and lived all that time in a sofa his owners had given away to a charity shop.

Some people lose their homes as well as their pets, in extreme weather events, or worse, wars. It's utterly irrational but astonishingly powerful how this makes you feel. We all lose things, but it is when they are returned that it can renew hope.