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Is kissing bad

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Is kissing bad

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We may earn commission mt airy escorts links on baebut we only recommend products we love. Feb 7, Getty Images For the same reasons you wouldn't share a fork with a stranger or, say, lick an ATM, inserting your tongue into someone else's mouth can set your body up for disaster. Here's how: 1. It can expose you to nasty bacteria that make you feel miserable. And that goes for people who seem perfectly healthy, since humans can shed pathogens through saliva for a few days before and after experiencing symptoms.

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While HIV is typically transmitted through semen, vaginal fluids, and blood, kissing can lead to transmission on the off-chance that both you and an infected partner happen to have tears in your gums, which can be caused by brushing too hard, aggressive flossing, or early stages of gingivitis, all of kissinh create an opportunity for blood to be exchanged, according to Reynolds. It conveys affection, attraction and maybe even love.

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You can also moby southside video off dental problems like cavities and gum problems by staying up to date on preventative care like cleanings, and examinations. A pair of these enzymes bar amylase and maltase -- can deteriorate the thin skin of the lips every time we lick them with our tongues [source: Gardner ].

Giphy Alcohol might help you loosen up, but you probably shouldn't have too much to drink before a kiss.

But do you know about the science behind these taboos? Print Ah, February! We may earn commission from links on thisbut we only recommend products we love. Bad breath is a turn-off in general, but this is especially true for women. All of this can lead to some measurable, though minor, damage.

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gad Don't have bad breath. This hormone has been shown to increase sexual desire and physical sensitivity in both men and women [source: Blackwell Publishing ]. While having a glass of wine on a first date can calm your nerves and help you to open up, it's best not to get too intoxicated.

The same is true for gum disease where the transfer of bad bacteria from one mouth may potentially infect domincan bbw healthy mouth. The mouth contains bacteria and saliva which, while relatively harmless, can actually harm the thin skin of our lips.

7 horrifying things that can happen when you kiss

Just be a little careful about who you kiss. And that goes for people who seem perfectly healthy, since humans can shed pathogens through saliva for a few days before and after experiencing symptoms. Overall, passionate kissing is known to have a of health benefits, including forming strong ie bonds, boosting in your metabolic rate what a great way to lose weight!

So how can it damage our lips? There is evidence that saliva has testosterone in itwhich could be why men prefer sloppier kisses with an open mouth.

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Giphy OK, so you don't want to stick your tongue down the person's throat immediately, but it turns out French kissing actually serves a scientific purpose. It can cause cavities. Don't keep your mouth closed. It can trigger a iz allergic reaction. This way, you can target problems before they become an issue or target bad bacteria before it le to cavities!

6 things not to do while kissing, according to science

Often asymptomatic, these can easily be passed between partners in acts as innocent as kissing. The best way to ensure your oral health stays top-notch? It may not be an ,issing science, but there's a good chance that moving your head to the right when making out will lead to a quality kiss, without any awkwardness or accidental omaha classified ads banging.

But it kissig be dangerous. Dopamine, the feel-good chemical, is released in response to things like kissing, sex, drugs, and alcohol. So if you're drunk on alcohol and infatuation, your judgment can get cloudy.

Don't drink too much beforehand. While not kissing anyone at all is the best protection, simply not kissing people who have a fever a telltale they're contagiousseem run down, or feel like they're getting kkissing can also help. Now that you're site erotic, you've likely gotten the opportunity to put this information to good use.

While the rest of the skin across our body has about 16 layers, our lips are thinner, with about three to five layers. As you might imagine, open-mouthed kissing is particularly icky: It transfers more germs than closed-mouth kissing, and the more germs you're exposed to, the more kissng you are to get sick, according to Reynolds. That bacteria releases acid, which causes tooth decay and cavities.

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Follow Elizabeth on Twitter and Instagram. Good iissing, kissing can also help prevent cavities from forming by increasing the flow of tooth-cleansing salvia. Conversely, some researchers feel this saliva exchange can also strengthen our immune systems [source: Victoria ]. In reality, the skin on our lips is so thin that it gets its color from the blood-filled capillaries in the mucous membrane beneath.

In scientific studies, women took breath into more often than men did as far as a factor of enjoying or not enjoying sioux falls nudes kiss. Before you kiss a frog, there are some things you should know.

16 reasons to smooch: how kissing benefits your health

Otherwise, kissing could mean you get a strep or staph bacterial infection, or in some cases, a cold or the flu although you're actually more likely to contract those from inhaling the particles an infected person expels when they cough, since germs suspended in the air are more likely to be inhaled deep into the respiratory passage, according to Reynolds. Giphy This may seem like an obvious free cyber sex chat, but make sure your breath is fresh before kissing someone.

You know things not to do while kissingbased on your experience.